Focus and Scope

Agroqua Journal is a journal of Agriculture Faculty, the University of Prof. Dr. Hazairin, SH in the field of agronomy and aquaculture. The Agroqua Journal publishes research articles on advanced agronomy and aquaculture covering plant and fish cultivation, soil science, crop and fish protection against pests and diseases, agricultural and fishery post-harvest technology and business analysis of a crop and aquaculture technology.


Agroqua Journal was first published in 2003 with the frequency twice a year. 

Article Processing Charge (APC)

All published articles are open access and freely available online, immediately upon publication. This is made possible by an APC that covers the range of publishing services we provide. This includes a provision of online tools for editors, reviewers and authors, article production, and customer services. The author has to pay the APC when the manuscript is editorially accepted and before publication. The APC is IDR 150.000,-. APC payments are made by bank transfer (Cash deposit or ATM or Internet Banking) to BRI account number of 561501005236535 with the beneficiary name of Risvan Anwar. 

The amount of payment to be transferred is IDR 150.000, - plus unique number using article submission ID. For example, if the submission ID number is 79 then the author should transfer IDR 150,079, -. This is to make it easier for us to identify (verify) the authors who make the payment. If the APC is transferred by teller (cash deposit) and Internet Banking that allows making a note, the author is also asked to write a short note with APC Agroqua ID 79 format and still send money of IDR 150,079, -. Please send us the payment proof after doing the payment via email

The APC also covers 2 copies of the printed journal and their shipping fee. We will send them to the author's affiliation address.


We invite your original research article either in Bahasa or English to be reviewed and published. The Agroqua Journal applies a double-blind review system in the process of reviewing an article to be published where an article is reviewed by two reviewers who do not know the author's identity.

We strongly prefer to receive manuscripts via our online submission system. Authors can upload manuscript files directly to our system and check on the status of their manuscripts during the review process. First, kindly please register as an author, and then you should login to submit your papers. Ensure that you have read carefully about this journal and Guide for Author for preventing a rejection. In case you find a problem when submitting your article, you can send it by email or contact us.