Exploration and Application of Mycurrhiza As Input of Biological Fertilizer Technology to Increase Growth and Melon Quality

  • Muhammad Muhammad University of Darussalam Gontor
  • Haris Setyaningrum University of Darussalam Gontor


One of the technological input in improving the quality of fruit and efficient production system is also sustainable application of mycorrhizal biofertilizer. Mycorrhizal application can improve the quality of fruit; sugar content in orange juice and citrus fruit color. Mycorrhizal applications is also increase the number of fruit and fruit weight in watermelon, pepper, and onion plants (Sastrahidayat, 2011). The ability of mycorrhiza is to associate with several plants largely, but its suitability in symbiosis with plants is strongly influenced by soil conditions, soil types and plant species. Simanungkalit (2000) suggests that mycorrhizal species can colonize effectively in certain plants but not necessarily effective in other plants. Exploration of mycorrhizae from various places and mycorrhizal is applications in melon plants as biological fertilizer technology is important for research. futhermore we earn some mycorrhizal genes and get the mycorrhizal genus suitable for melon plants. The method of obtaining several mycorrhizal genes was carried out by exploration, identification and collection on paddy fields and plantation land in district of Ponorogo, East Java. Exploration method used wet sieving and decanting technique. The identification method was based on the "Species Guide Manual" compiled by Schenck and Peres (1990) and matched with INVAM 2017. Meanwhile, to recognize the fit of mycorrhizal genus with melon plant had been done by parameter of mycorrhizal genome infection on root of melon, root weight, and root length. Mycorrhizal infections were observed by Phyllip and Hayman (1970). Data analysis was conducted with ANOVA and continued with LSD test at 5% confidence level. The results of the exploration of the mycorrhizal genera on rice field and plantation field were obtained 7 genus, among others are genus glomus, Gigaspora, Acaulospora, Archaeospora, Paraglomus, Entrophospora and Scutellospora with average spores 0.1 to 5.3 spores / 100gr samples. The results of the mycorrhizal genocyte suit against the melon are the Scutellospora and Glomus genus isolated from rezospher of melon plants in paddy fields.


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