Deadline for Submitting Articles on May 25, 2018


This article was published six months, with the number of articles published articles 8-10. The selected article is an article which has a scientific principle that is consistent with the provisions in accordance with the Field Science Education, Physical Geography and Social Geography. This article from the JURNAL GEORAFFLESIA : ARTIKEL ILMIAH PENDIDIKAN GEOGRAFI published 2 times in 1 Year, which this month published in Volume 3 No. 1 of 2018 will be published in June 2018.The deadline for submitting articles on May 25, 2018.

The paper was reviewed by Pereview of several articles that have good qualifications and coherently in writing for the study. To the author may be dipedoman to be able to publish his article in this journal. Editors invite the entire academic community to write in this journal. Thank you and congratulations Writing Journals.