Guide for Reviewer

Guide for Reviewer

 By acting as a reviewer you can:

  • Help authors improve their papers by providing your professional expertise. Gain a sense of prestige in being consulted as an expert!
  • Play an important role in maintaining a good, rigorous peer-review process.
  • Expand your awareness of the current research emerging within your field.
  • Build relationships and improve your academic and professional profile. Although often anonymous, the review process can enable a discussion (between author, reviewer, and editor) around a research field or topic.
  • Improve your own writing skills. Reviewing others work can make it easier to spot commons errors in your own.

The 1 means complete suitability for publication while 4 absolute grounds for refusal of the article.

1. Very good; 2. Good; 3. Enough; 4. Fair

Reviewer can make an imaginary rate (1 - 4) for question number 1 - 6 for making a recommendation.


Please fill this form completely 

  1. General comment (Does the title reflect the article’s content? Do all of the sections talk about the topic? The unity of all section) 
  1. Introduction (does the introduction clearly define the purpose and objective of the work/research?) 
  1. Methodology (Is the methodology clearly defined?) 
  1. Result and Discussion (Do the results and discussion support the applied methodology and conclusions?) 
  1. Conclusion (Is the conclusion based on the discussion and contributes to the discharge of treated problems?)  
  1. References/Bibliography (Are the references satisfactory?) 
  1. Originality: 1. Very good; 2. Good; 3. Enough; 4. Fair 
  1. Quality of Writing: 1. Very good; 2. Good; 3. Enough; 4. Fair 
  1. Clarity of Presentation: 1. Very good; 2. Good; 3. Enough; 4. Fair 
  1. The depth of research/study: 1. Very good; 2. Good; 3. Enough; 4. Fair 
  1. Recommendation





Revision required (conditionally accept with minor revisions (editor will check))



Resubmit review (Conditionally accept with major changes as recommended by reviewer



The article should be thoroughly changed or resubmit elsewhere






  1. If the manuscript is rejected, please give an explanation: 
  1. Please state the detail of manuscript revision either here or directly in the manuscript using review/comment tool