allelopaty, germination, weed, Echinochloa cruss-galli (L.) Beauv


This research aims to select the best of seven part of plants known to have potential allelopaty effect and to know their   influences on germination of weed Echinochloa crus- gally.  The  research  had  been  conducted  in  laboratory  of  Departement  of  Plantation, Bengkulu Province from February to March 2011.   Seven   plant   species   that   potentially contain allelopaty are M0=  Control;  M1= Fermented coconut water; M2= Pithecellobium jiringa;  M3= Eucalyptus; M4= Acasia mangium, M5= Imperata cylindrica, M6= Swietenia macrophylla M7= Jatropha curcas.  The  part  of  plants  were  taken  for  their  extract  are Imperata cylindrica rizome,. Eucalyptus, Acasia mangium and Jatropha curcas lives. Swietenia macrophylla extract made from its seed. Pithecellobium jiringa taken from outer skin skin of its fruit. Coconut’s water  taken from the old coconut fruit. The design used was Completely Randomized Design with five replication. This study concluded that: (1) The treatment plant extracts tested had very significant effect on the germination of weed Echinochloa crus-gally; (2) extract treatment plant parts were tested suppressed weed germination  Echinochloa  crus-gally;  (3)  Allelopaty  sources  of  different  sources  are fermented coconut water, Pithecellobium jiringa,    Eucalyptus, Imperata cylindrica, Acacia mangium, Swietenia macrophylla, and Jatropha curcas had no significant effect on the inhibition of germination of weed E. crus-gally.


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