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This article was created to see anything that has a major impact on the company's image,
expectations, and service quality on customer loyalty of BRI KC Bengkulu Bank. This
research is associative. The type of data used is qualitative data and quantitative data with
primary data sources and secondary data. With the sampling technique using accidental
sampling technique where the customer who is the sample is the customer who is there at
the time the researcher was doing the research. In conducting research, the data collected
will be used to solve existing problems so that the data must be truly reliable and accurate.
The data methods used here include interviews, observations, questionnaires or a list of
questions. These are techniques used by compiling closed questions and must be filled in by
respondents by selecting one of the available alternative answers. The research results are
expected to serve as a reference for the company's image, expectations and company quality
as well as loyalty and serve as input for Bank BRI to grow customer loyalty


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